Nearby Notifications

A Nearby Notification shows when a user pulls their screen down to open their Android phone, or open their notification shade. It looks like a regular notification, but it's only visible as long as the phone is within reach of the Eddystone beacon that broadcasts the message. Just like a radio, the Bluetooth beacon can broadcast one notification at a time. But it is possible to send out different notifications on different times. And different notifications for different languages. To send Nearby Notifications You need a beacon that supports the Eddystone UID protocol. You will be able to add beacons and notifications right away without and technical knowledge and have advanced Analytics! Nearby Notifications will only show up on Android phones, from version 4.4 and up. This is a huge market share. IOS will be available by the end of 2017.

Complete Marketing Platform

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Certified Haystack Reseller

Access our Onboarding Concierge Service where we setup your card templates for your brand/business, email signatures, and provided support. Using our Onboarding Concierge Service doesn't cost anything extra in fact it gives you a dedicated specialist to setup everything for you including updates and changes for only $48/year per Business Card. Click Here To Download Intake Form.

Virtual Business cards are a new way to manage your professional contacts. Users can use the app to scan paper business cards, and instantly share their digital card back to any platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, vCard) Anyone who receives our card can save it to their device - whether they use our card or not. New users first see a mobile web version of your card, which they can save directly to their device. Users who receive a card and already have the app installed can save the card directly to their card list All of a user’s contacts are saved in their account and safely backed up automatically.