Our Tech

Shift Engagement Into Overdrive
With Our Proximity or Nearby Platform

Having the best product available is important to us which is why we teamed up with NowSquare to provide our clients with 2 of the best SaaS platforms available anywhere in the world. When deciding which platform is best for your needs ask yourself 2 questions, what are your short term goals and what is you long game? These questions will give you the answer you need to make a decision on how to proceed. If you need immediate leads, customers, and sales then the Nearby platform is where you need to be. If you have enough sustained business and want to build upon your current brand then the Proximity platform will help you achieve your desired results. After you identify your needs we can get you up in running in a matter of days.

Marketing & Proximity Solutions

W e help businesses understand the benefits of Proximity Marketing and building a Network. Our relationship with NowSquare allows us to deploy your brand in a timely manor and work with you to start your campaign. Because we know the marketing and NowSquare knows the tech you will be miles a head of your competition.

By integrating your business with the most powerful Marketing and Proximity solutions available iBeamsAds and NowSquare are the only provider and partner you’ll ever need.

Send Notifications To Mobile Devices Up To 300 Feet Using Nearby

The most advanced Platform Available. Broadcast notifications to Android devices with Bluetooth Eddystone beacons. This way of marketing will become increasingly powerful as Google continues to integrate Eddystone features in the Android operating system. What's best is that users don't need an app to get notifications!

Technology Stack